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WISCONSIN REALTORS ASSOCIATION 4801 Forest Run Road Madison Wisconsin 53704 Fair Fee Madison REAL ESTATE CONDITION REPORT Page 1 of 2 DISCLAIMER A. 2. I ACKNOWLEDGE RECEIPT OF A COPY OF THIS STATEMENT. Prospective Buyer NOTE All information appearing in italics in this REAL ESTATE CONDITION REPORT is purely of a supplemental nature and is not required pursuant to Section 709. THIS CONDITION REPORT CONCERNS THE REAL PROPERTY LOCATED AT CITY VILLAGE TOWN OF STREET ADDRESS IN THE STATE OF...
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Hi this is kit Hoover with century 21 cruisers and Solar in Libreville Illinois, and today we're talking about the property disclosure form what is that do I have to fill one out yes if you're in the state of Illinois or Wisconsin where I practice real estate that would be a requirement well what is if it's a series of questions and statements that you'll make about your home that you're selling most of the dot of the statements start with the words I am aware of, or I am aware of defects in, so it's a little report card saying here's what I know is wrong with my house keep in mind it's unaware of so let's say you had a bad roof, but you replace the roof and is not bad anymore you don't have to disclose that, but you should read each statement very carefully because you are making legal representation about the condition of your home to which the future owner could come back with that document and say you made these claims when in fact they're obviously not true or one or more in particular so take some time when you fill that out be careful and read them thoroughly ask questions of your agent to help you understand what it is they're asking it's usually a one or two-page document you will sign and date it, and it will become part of the transaction the property condition report sometimes referred to as the real estate condition report the property condition report the condition report if you're a buyer you should receive one of those prior to making you or written offer so that you can review what may or may not be wrong with the property that's a little about the property condition report if you have any other questions about it give me a shout I'll be happy to forward a copy of it to you for your review or if you have questions you can call me 847 643 6011 you can ask your questions through an email to kit at kit Hoover com or visit my website WWE overcame I'm kit Hoover thanks for watching
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